We offer decades of banking, payment systems, blockchain and regulatory expertise. We combine that with modern problem solving and business modelling methodologies in order to create new concepts and quickly bring solutions to market with our PoC Factory.

eTonec Value Creation

Digital Transformation: Move as fast as your customers towards a digital future.

Quick Time-to-Market: Quickly test ideas through prototyping and PoC dev.

Future Proof: Flexible integration paths based on future tech.

Blockchain Checklist: Validate suitability of blockchain technology for each use case.

Risk Mitigation: Limit risk while still exploring emerging opportunities.

Clever Investing: Phased investments with clear exit ramps.

We build Platform Services

eTonec Operating Model: Quickly quantify market opportunity and business case.

eTonec PoC Factory: Develop prototypes and proof of concepts (PoC) in a short time-frame to test ideas.

Operational Mode: Build platforms as separate entities that can be exited or scaled which allows for cost, risk and equity sharing.

Concept and PoC Factory

Use Case: Rapidly develop a digital use case as prototype and incorporate business, legal and regulatory requirements.

Launch PoC: Put the PoC in a test bed to study the practical implications.

Test: Understand how the solution will behave in a real-world environment.

Learnings: Incorporate learnings in an iterative manner.  

Decision: Adapt solution or exit

Scale: If expectations are met, scale the platform services.